Why is lighting important for design?

Brides may often want to neglect lighting which is a huge mistake. Lighting is integral to wedding design. Lighting actually enhances the room, sets the mood all while bringing in the “Wow” factor of each design. Most venues have florescent lighting which provides a classroom type setting and is not indicative for a beautiful designed room. As a decorator, I highly recommend lighting which will “highlight” any wedding day vision.

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A trip to Magnolia Farms!!

During one of our weddings to Texas we were able to visit Magnolia Farms!! If you are a Fixer Upper Fan and love Joanna and Chip then YOU know how exciting this was!!! Magnolia Farms is located in the quiet Waco Texas. Entering into the the site was so sweet as it is well designed with beautiful landscaping. Joanna’s building took my breath away as it features so many of her inspirational designs!!! The shop features beautiful wooden candle holders, silk flowers, vases, and items that fit well with any design ideas. We couldn’t leave without stopping by the bakery and believe me her cupcakes are DELICIOUS!!!!! This is a must see!!!!

Wedding Season Tips

Hi Brides and Grooms!

We always get the question of “How do I get started?” so I wanted to share a few quick tips on how to get started planning your wedding. This is not in all-inclusive list, however it will guide you in the right direction.

  1. Set your wedding date.
  2. Identify your venue and lock it in ASAP– brides are beginning their planning earlier now and many venues book up a year out. Review and sign the contract to get your Ceremony/Reception locked in and confirmed.
  3. Hire your Officiant: Most officiants are busy so once you have the date established and the venue; confirm your officiant.
  4. Hire a Wedding Planner– this is money well spent! Hiring a wedding planner will save you lots of headaches and frustrations as they should be specialists in their field. This is very important as they have established relationships with many vendors and can build the wedding team you need to have a spectacular wedding! Read reviews on the Planner before hiring so you know if you have a quality professional in your area. There are lots of planners as everyone is “jumping” into this field. Beware….lots of people call themselves a planner or a coordinator but don’t have the experience. Check out their referrals on social sites like the Knot and Wedding Wire to read all testimonials and reviews. Ask what tools and expected outcomes are used to ensure your successful wedding day. In short, they should present a solid process that maps up to a successful, exciting and memorable event. A good general planner does not equate to a great Wedding Planner. There are too many moving parts of a wedding to hire someone that is new in the field. They should have at least 3 years experience under their belt if not more. They also should have completed at least 30 weddings to gain the necessary experience of a well equipped planner.
  5. Identify your wedding day vision so you can clearly communicate your wedding day wishes to all vendors at your upcoming vendor meetings. Ensure you hire vendors that make you feel comfortable with their presentation and experience. Discuss additional options with Planner if this is not the case.
  6. Enjoy the journey as this will be so much fun when you work with industry professionals that have a solid history in their wedding expertise.

Happy Weddings!!!!

a gracious morning

Your heart wants to beat out of your chest as you reach toward your dresser to turn off the alarm. The usual jarring beep seems to chime sweetly instead, mimicking the ringing of a thousand wedding bells at the chapel. …Alright, stay calm, you tell yourself. Ten million butterflies tickle your insides flirtatiously. As your feet hit the floor, the corners of your lips betray you, curling unavoidably into a smile. It’s finally here. Today is your wedding day! In the weeks and months leading up to this day, you’ve spent more time daydreaming about the next unforgettable 24 hours than you have breathing. The cake is baked, the flowers fragrant, the warm sun bashfully peeks through your dress hanging elegantly in the window. Today is about perfection. Today is about you. Today is about love, and that love will reflect in every detail of today.

At GracefulDesignsLLC our mission is to give you a flawless wedding by ensuring that even the most miniscule details are never taken lightly. We are dedicated to making your wedding day about you, not about stress. This site is dedicated to everything wedding. Here’s a toast to every beautiful bride and bride to be!

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