a gracious morning

Your heart wants to beat out of your chest as you reach toward your dresser to turn off the alarm. The usual jarring beep seems to chime sweetly instead, mimicking the ringing of a thousand wedding bells at the chapel. …Alright, stay calm, you tell yourself. Ten million butterflies tickle your insides flirtatiously. As your feet hit the floor, the corners of your lips betray you, curling unavoidably into a smile. It’s finally here. Today is your wedding day! In the weeks and months leading up to this day, you’ve spent more time daydreaming about the next unforgettable 24 hours than you have breathing. The cake is baked, the flowers fragrant, the warm sun bashfully peeks through your dress hanging elegantly in the window. Today is about perfection. Today is about you. Today is about love, and that love will reflect in every detail of today.

At GracefulDesignsLLC our mission is to give you a flawless wedding by ensuring that even the most miniscule details are never taken lightly. We are dedicated to making your wedding day about you, not about stress. This site is dedicated to everything wedding. Here’s a toast to every beautiful bride and bride to be!

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